Geocaching with Garmin GPS handhelds

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game using GPS technology to create a high-tech treasure hunt. Caches are planted in hidden locations across the landscape in rural or urban areas. A cache is a small, waterproof box containing a selection of items including a logbook and pen or pencil. Geocachers seek out these hidden treasures guided by information and GPS coordinates, or ‘waypoints’ posted on the Internet.

Using a Garmin GPS device, the Geocacher explores a given area to find the area where the cache has been hidden. Once discovered, you may find the cache contains a reward for you to keep. If you take something out of a cache, you might be asked to leave something in return. You must leave the cache in the same place and in the same condition as it was found for its next visitor. Sometimes a cache will contain a clue to find another hidden treasure.

The Rules

Once the Geocacher finds a cache, they must:

  1. Fill in the logbook
  2. Take something out of the cache (if desired or available)
  3. Put something into the cache (if requested)
  4. Return the cache to the exact position and condition in which it was found
  5. Log the details of your discovery, and any helpful comments on the cache website

Besides a logbook and pen or pencil, a cache may contain any number of non-perishable, non-valuable items such as toys, books, money, jewellery or trinkets. You never know what the originator or subsequent visitors may have left. Enter the time and date of your visit in the logbook and consider leaving something for the next Geocacher to discover.

GPS handhelds from Garmin are ideal for Geocaching

Garmin GPS handhelds are designed for outdoor adventure on any terrain, in all conditions. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, rugged design and user-friendly, get on track with Garmin. It is also could be used as fish finder for a small boat or canoe when you are trying to swim to new places.

Once home, return to the cache website and leave your comments for the hider and for other Geocachers inspired to track it down. To keep the game going, you must also hide some caches of your own.

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