1. What is the difference between Landranger 1:50 maps and Explorer 1:25 maps?

The level of map detail is enhanced for the 1:25000 scale, which may be more ideal if you are navigating on rough or dangerous terrain. You will find greater detail with regards to field boundaries, walls, fences and paths. Also the contour intervals will be 5 meters for Explorer and 10 meters for Landranger.

2. Can I use Garmin GB Discoverer in my car?

Yes you can. You can navigate with turn–by-turn instructions on the map page just like with Garmin dedicated in-car sat navs. You can even view the roads in 3D to enhance the sat nav experience.

3. Can I look up and navigate to addresses with Garmin GB Discoverer?

Yes. Garmin GB Discoverer contains premium street mapping from NAVTEQ which comes integrated with all Garmin GB Discoverer products, enabling users to look up street addresses and Points of Interest with in Great Britain.

4. So what is included when you buy a Garmin GB Discoverer product?

1:50K products include Ordnance Survey Landranger mapping for the chosen region as well as premium street mapping from NAVTEQ for Great Britain. 1:25K products include the Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps for the chosen region as well as premium street mapping from NAVTEQ for Great Britain.

5. What are Points of Interest?

Points of Interest, or POIs, are a database containing destinations and places of interest from which the user can search and then navigate to. POIs are logically categorised to enable a quick and easy look-up. These categories range from Lodgings to Restaurants to Parking to Cash points to even Landmarks.

6. Can I plan routes on my computer?

Garmin Basecamp is free downloadable software which enables users to mark waypoints and create routes to then download to their Garmin GPS device. Basecamp also allows users to upload their data such as track logs, waypoints and routes from the Garmin GPS device. Basecamp includes a Worldwide Basemap. Mapsource products can also be used with Basecamp.

7. Can I view Ordnance Survey maps on my computer?

There are third-party web-based applications that enable users to create simple routes in the GPX file format and then download them to their Garmin GPS device.

8. Are there equivalent maps for Southern Ireland available?

Garmin Eire Discoverer is available on four large regions that cover the whole of Southern Ireland using Ordnance Survey Ireland map data. Also included in these products is the Premium Navteq road data and points of interest for turn-by-turn directions anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

9. Can Garmin GB Discoverer be downloaded directly to my Garmin GPS device?

Yes. Garmin web shop offers customers the option to purchase either a preloaded card or a downloadable version.

10. Can I download multiple map products to my Garmin GPS device?

Yes. You can download multiple maps to your Garmin GPS device. Due to the size of the maps, downloading to a memory card may be required in some cases. Please check your device has a memory card slot before you proceed with your map purchases.

11. Can I purchase Landranger maps for the whole of Great Britain?

Yes. Garmin have just announced Garmin GB Discoverer All of Great Britain. This product is available on a plug in play card, download or as part of the exclusive Oregon series and Dakota 20 bundles which can be found at good outdoor stockists.

12. Which regions are available in 1:25k detail?

All the official National Parks and Trails for Great Britain are available in 1:25k scale OS Explorer Map detail via micro SD card and download.